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If you consider yourself a car fanatic, ¬you probably already follow most of the famous celebrity cars and have a pretty good idea of who set the trends for certain eras. We at WS Customs certainly think it’s fun to take a look at the hots and the nots of Hollywood.

Please enjoy this list of celebrities known for there either fully customized or partially modified cars – and don’t forget to share, and let us know if there were any names you were surprised to see!

las vegas muscle cars

1. Hulk Hogan and his Dodge Viper

It’s certainly a standout! Hulk Hogan land his tricked-out red and yellow 1994 Dodge Viper are hard to ignore. At WS Customs we see our fair share of Dodges, but these bright colors are something else.

Hulk has been known for his lavish spending, and has publically admitted that cars, among other material items, were a pretty sizable drain on her personal finances. But you can’t deny he’s loyal to his brand – he’s got a Hulkmania logo on the hood there, too.

What do you think? Too “McDonald’s?”


2. Paris and the Bentley

Paris Hilton was well-known for being famous for doing nothing before the Kardashians took over. Take a look at her customized Bentley Continental GT Coupe. That bubblegum pink really makes a statement.

If you care about celebrity gossip, you might be interested to know that Bentley wasn’t a fan of what Paris did their image in customizing this car.

3. Will.I.Am’s Shady IAMAUTO

There’s a lot to talk about here. It’s a good looking car – at first glance. For someone as rich and famous as Will.I.Am, we’re confused as to why he didn’t stick with a classic, sleek black ride, or maybe red if he wanted to be a bit bold. White cars show dirt and stain so easily!In any case, the custom IAMAUTO Delorean, rumored to have cost between $700,000 and $900,000, is just one of the few customs Will.I.Am has come up with under the guise of starting his own car company. Again, if you’re interested in celebrity gossip, you could research how this Delorean ended up getting impounded by police for unregistered parts.


4. Ken Block’s F-150 RaptorTrax

Taking off-roading to the next level is Ken Block with his insanely modified Ford F-150 RaptorTrax. A dedicated snowboarder, Ken Block has everything he needs in this crazy custom: a snowboard rack, a roof basket, those bright blue tracks to make it physically impossible to accidentally not see the vehicle, a rear winch, and more. This beast is ready for anything.

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