Building your next custom muscle car is an exciting process. We have years and years of experience to help guide your vision. We follow our tried and true processes to guarantee that your project comes out better then can be expected.  Our custom builds are typically equipped with no less than 500+ HP, and depending on your engine it can be more.

  • We will map out your custom build on a detailed estimate. This process is important so that we have a firm understanding of the equipment and expectations of the build. These builds can be upgraded but once we have decided on the build we lock the details into that estimate and get to work. At the time of the Estimate is when we will inspect your vehicle.
  • Every full build means a complete disassembly of the vehicle down to bare frame or unibody metal depending on your build.
  • We media blast and treat the entire vehicle using fine glass bead and metal treatment. This is the best way to get down to the business of the metal on your car.  From here we clear out every possible troubled area on your vehicle.
  • Metalwork starts and new panels are hung and welded in where necessary. While we are capable to repair or replace all the metal panels on a vehicle we do try to avoid working on vehicle that are in such poor condition for a restoration.  But if necessary, yes, we can do it. Exterior bodywork begins and includes blocking and color sanding the car making it a perfectly smooth surface. We will have it completely straight and primed ready for paint.
  • Once metal and body work are completed we begin fabrication of suspension and driveline fitment. 4-link, ladder bar rear end suspensions and or air ride are all mocked up and installed. Followed by the front end suspension systems and upgrades.
  • Motor mounts, firewall, transmission mounts and trans tunnel are all adjusted and installed next. With the metal fabrication finished we look over the car front to back and plan our fuel, cooling, electrical and oil system routings. With our plans now made and parts list formulated after mockup, we tear down the vehicle again removing our new parts and make the car available for paint.
  • Our paintwork is of exceptional quality and detail. Our cars are all painted by master artist Mark Remling. Mark Remlings metal artwork, abstracts and portrait series paintings have been featured in fine art galleries in Los Angeles, Maui and Las Vegas.  Mr. Remling has been painting custom cars for over 30 years and has an exceptional eye for detail. In 2009 Mark Remling was commissioned by Ford Motor company to custom paint their 2009 Funkmaster Flex FMF Special Edition Ford Flex unveil at SEMA, an great honor for any painter.  From mild flat colors to insane 4 and 5 stage custom candies and pearls, we can accommodate your dream paint job. Refine it to perfection and teach you how to care for the finish on your vehicle.
  • Undercarriages are painted with specialty coverings to create heat shielding and sound deadening effects inside your classic vehicle. This is an important step in process so that when your vehicle is complete it is comfortable to drive.
  • Depending on your driveline selection, while your vehicle is in paint is typically when we are building out and modifying your motor with high performance options. During the estimation process, deciding on the proper amount of horsepower is a very important decision for each classic car owner. Based on this selection, adjustments must be made throughout the vehicle to accommodate it.
  • Transmissions will be either out of the box or professionally built based on your HP and Torque needs. 4, 5, 6 and 8 speed transmissions can be custom fit to your driveline.
  • When the vehicle comes back from paint, the driveline is re-installed and wiring begun. All our automotive custom harness wiring is finished in braided color coded sleeving.
  • Rims & Tires are installed after paint is finished and based on customer’s choice.
  • Upholstery and Interior are designed with your choice in leather, suede, alcantara, vinyl’s, and ultraleathers. Dynomat, Sound Deadening, carpet, mats, center consoles, headliners, door panels, dashboards and trim, A, B & or C pillars.
  • We will design the interior look and feel with you and get your approval before starting. Hidden and motorized compartments are created at this time. Heat/AC/Defrost are routed and installed at this time and integrated to the factory wiring.
  • Stereo & Alarm. What would a vehicle be without incredible sound and security. During upholstery we begin installing your professional grade sound and subwoofer system.